EVO Lifetime FSC Upgrade


This solution allows you to code your NBT EVO units with lifetime EVO Code. This product is an upgrade for existing customers who have paid for a LifeTime EVO Map update and their vehicle is asking for a code. Also note this will only install lifetime FSC code for your current region and not change your Map region.

      Enter last 7 digits of VIN only

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EVO maps can be updated using a preactivated USB map update only during the first 3 years from date of manufacture of the vehicle. After the expiry of this period you have two options:


You can reprogram your Navigation system with Lifetime Code. For this we shall send you an ENET data cable (if you don’t have one) and a software link. You will simply plug one end of the ENET cable to you car (we shall provide necessary instructions) and the other end to a Windows laptop with internet connection and run the software provided. The entire process takes just a few minutes to complete and you don’t need to be a techie to get it done. Once the LifeTime Code has been installed you can update your maps using a USB and in future keep them current by  simply purchasing the Map Data only at $20 (FSC code will no longer be needed).

OPTION2: Visit your dealership and continue to pay an annual subscription in the range of approximately $250 or more (depending upon your dealership charges).

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STEP 1: Using the iDrive Controller, select “Navigation” in the main menu and press the iDrive controller down once. Select the shortcut button “Options”.

STEP 2: Select the menu item “Navigation System Version” using the iDrive controller and press down once.

STEP 3: The current version of your digital road map will be displayed.