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Ever visited a dealership and wondered, who's paying for this place?
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Navigation Map Updates refresh the data in your vehicle’s navigation system. New and modified roads, speed limits, signage, points of interest, and more are added in order to improve routing accuracy. You can order your updates online and install them within a few minutes yourself right there on your own drive way! So get smart, save your time and money this time around and order the latest update today.

2023 United States, Canada & Mexico Maps

Evo 2023-1 • Live 2023-1 • Move 2022 • Next 2023-1 • Premium 2023-1 • Route 2022-2 • Way 2023-1

Ready-to-install USB

Why struggle with large data downloads, unzipping and USB's. Just order 'ready to install' maps on a pre-configured USB drive by mail. Just insert the USB drive into the USB port of your vehicle and wait for the system to prompt you for an upgrade. After installation is complete you can use the USB drive to store music or documents as an added benefit!

Online Download

Download maps online and transfer to a USB to update your vehicle maps in minutes. Map downloads are 25GB+ for North America and require a fast internet connection along with a blank 32/64 GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive and a Windows computer to transfer data to your vehicle. Please read the FAQ section before ordering an Online Download.

2023 Premium Maps Updates & Model Compatibility

As from 2015 map updates can only be installed using a USB as DVD updates have been discontinued.

Map updates using a USB is only possible on cars built after 03/2010 OR on vehicles older than 03/2010 that have received a firmware update after 03/2010 (for example, all x35i models (335i, 535, etc) which were serviced under the N54 campaign in 2013 and received a complete software update to the entire vehicle. Such older vehicles can update their navigation to the new 2022 map using a USB without any issues.

For vehicles manufactured prior to 03/2010 that still have the original firmware (no firmware updates were made since you bought the car), we strongly recommend that you first have your car firmware updated through a local dealership. This will enable your vehicle to accept the new 2021 as well as future map updates via a USB memory stick.

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Ordered a USB update online and it worked like a charm. It took me about 30 minutes to install the update and I saved myself a over a 100 bucks at least on dealer prices! Very pleased with the outcome, and I was surprised how easy it was actually.
Keith J. Martin
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Map Update FAQ

Get Answers To Your Questions

We have not known the map upgrades to void vehicle warranty. The Bimmer maps and FSC codes are fully compatible with your vehicle navigation, and are not software cracks! You can safely update the maps yourself at a fraction of the dealer price.

The maps Do Not require any special skills to upgrade. Detailed step by step instructions will be provided with the maps to help you complete the upgrades. Every update is backed by a 100% replacement guarantee and free online support.

Before you can update your Navigation you will require an FSC Code to install new 2022 version road maps. The FSC (registration key) is a 20 digital activation code. The code is individually linked to the last 7 digits of your vehicle VIN# (vehicle identification number).

Map upgrades come in 2 FSC versions. A “One Time FSC Code” allows you a one time map upgrade. However with a “Life Time FSC Code”,  you do not pay for an FSC code ever again and only pay a small cost for the updated map data next time.

Online download allows you to download the maps directly from a link supplied to you. You then need to transfer the data to a USB for completing the installation. If you have issues with downloading large amounts of data or are not computer savvy, we suggest you order a USB drive.

Buy with full confidence, as all map upgrades come with a 100% replacement guarantee. If for any reason the FSC Code does not work as intended, we shall replace the update free of charge. Additionally we offer ‘next business day’ online free technical support to assist you with the installation.

Got Questions, Get Answers Fast

Have a question about your Map Update? We are just one email away! 


STEP 1: Using the iDrive Controller, select “Navigation” in the main menu and press the iDrive controller down once. Select the shortcut button “Options”.

STEP 2: Select the menu item “Navigation System Version” using the iDrive controller and press down once.

STEP 3: The current version of your digital road map will be displayed.