Video In Motion


Gain the ability to watch videos from USB drive and DVD’s while you drive. Unlock the Video-in-motion feature in your car and play movies for your passengers through DVD or USB (details in description below).

      Enter last 7 digits of VIN only

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Activate the Video in Motion feature and play movies for your passengers through USB. With this solution we will send you a VIN specific file for your vehicle. Our easy solution only requires you to drag and drop small file to USB drive and insert into vehicle. Once enabled you will have enabled DVD play and Video-in-motion.

Watch movies or your favorite downloaded music videos from a USB drive directly on your car screen. Your car is capable of playing most common video formats like mp4, avi, mkv, mpg, etc. upto full HD resolution (1080p). Please note that our coding services does not add any new functions that you don’t have in your car when it is parked.


STEP 1: Using the iDrive Controller, select “Navigation” in the main menu and press the iDrive controller down once. Select the shortcut button “Options”.

STEP 2: Select the menu item “Navigation System Version” using the iDrive controller and press down once.

STEP 3: The current version of your digital road map will be displayed.