EVO Map Remote Coding


This solution allows you to code your NBT EVO units with lifetime EVO subscription and FSC Code.

      Enter last 7 digits of VIN only

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EVO maps can be updated using a pre-activated USB map update only for the first 3 years from date of manufacture of the vehicle. After the expiry of this period you have two options:

OPTION1: You can reprogram your Navigation system with Lifetime Code. For this we shall send you an ENET data cable (if you don’t have one) and a software link.

  1. You will need to simply plug one end of the ENET cable to you car (we shall provide necessary instructions) and the other end to a Windows laptop with internet connection.
  2. Download and run our cloud based software.
  3. Click a couple of buttons on the screen and the software will extract the LifeTime Code and save it on your computer.
  4. Copy the saved folder to the map update USB and plug into your vehicle to install the code and update the maps.
  5. The entire process takes just a few minutes to complete.
  6. Please note this will only install lifetime FSC code for your current region and not change your Map region.
  7. If you require help our technician can connect via Team Viewer and complete the process.

Once the LifeTime Code has been installed you can update your maps using a USB and in future keep them current by  simply purchasing the Map Data only at $20 (FSC code will no longer be needed).

OPTION2: Visit your dealership and continue to pay an annual subscription in the range of approximately $250 or more (depending upon your dealership charges).


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STEP 1: Using the iDrive Controller, select “Navigation” in the main menu and press the iDrive controller down once. Select the shortcut button “Options”.

STEP 2: Select the menu item “Navigation System Version” using the iDrive controller and press down once.

STEP 3: The current version of your digital road map will be displayed.